The Executive Board all have prior experience working together for a start-up

  • Niall Haughian, CFA

    Chief Executive Officer

    Niall has a background as a Financial Analyst and Project Manager for Blue Chip banks such as Credit Suisse. He now provides expertise in fundraising to start-up companies in renewable energy.

  • Dr Monica Saavedra, EngD

    Chief Technical Officer

    Monica is an exceptional nanomaterials scientist with close ties to academia at Cambridge University. She gained an Engineer Doctorate from the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) and is expert in techniques for materials processing and characterisation

  • Orerhime Iwuagwu

    Commercial Director

    Orerhime (Rhe) has a BSc in Economics, an MSc in Management and an MBA in Leadership from Cranfield school of Management. She is focused on designing business systems to optimise efficiency and profitability. Rhe has 10 years of product development experience, including customer engagement, marketing and brand management, and has led several agile projects to transform business and enterprise systems. Rhe has launched several successful small businesses, including a not-for-profit which raised money for several children’s charities in Nigeria.

  • Dr Boris Breiner

    Chief Scientist

    Boris obtained a PhD in chemistry from the Florida State University, working in the field of organic photochemistry. Subsequent postdoctoral appointments brought him to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he was part of a project with the aim of converting solar power into chemical energy, and to the University of Cambridge, where he was working on supramolecular self-assembly. Dr Breiner has more than 8 years of experience in industrial R&D.

  • Dr Norbert Janowicz

    Materials Chemist

    Norbert obtained his MChem from Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) with research project focusing on Microwave Dielectric Spectroscopy study of pigment suspensions. Norbert worked on interdisciplinary projects with Microbiology and Material Chemistry for applications of zeolites in anticorrosive coatings and delaying food degradation. He completed his PhD at UCL focusing on fluorine-free and transparent superhydrophobic coatings of polymer-particle nanocomposites. Norbert has further experience on metal oxide crosslinking of silicones and environmental durability tests.

  • Iain Beath

    Non-Executive Director

    Iain is a serial entrepreneur and is a non-executive director for numerous successful cleantech enterprises. His company, Renewable Power, developed more than 100MW of UK solar farm capacity.

  • Christopher Wells

    Relationship Manager

    Chris has had a career in sales, fundraising and partner support across a variety of countries and industries, working with software companies, breweries, and everything in between. He’s excited to be showing Lambda, and all it can offer, to the world

Academic partners

Lambda has been closely supported by academics at several UK universities including Cambridge, Bath and Cranfield. Cranfield has previously performed prototyping under Lambda-sponsored projects under under the supervision of Dr Monica Saavedra. Lambda has new government grants with Pilkington and Cambridge and Bath universities to synthesise novel active material, make films and deposit them on greenhouses for crop growth trials.

Academic partners