Increasing the yield from greenhouses and polytunnels

Our spectral conversion films can alter the solar spectrum according to the specific needs of different plants, boosting their growth and yield by changing the relative spectral proportions of short- and long-wavelength light.


A polymer film containing the optically active nanocrystals can be applied to the outside of a greenhouse. Alternatively, polytunnel solutions can be enhanced directly by infusing the plastic sheeting with Lambda’s nanocrystal materials.

Down-converting nanocrystals allow Lambda to control and tune the light spectrum for optimum plant growth.

We have a number of exciting projects with world-leading UK research organisations that could lead to enhancements in food production and biomass crops.

Benefits of Lambda’s nanocrystals for AgriTech:

  • Increase in biomass yields by 10-20%
  • Lengthening the growing season by 1-2 months
  • Increasing the penetration of diffuse light into the canopy
  • Potentially beneficial to high value crops including tomatoes and berries
  • Absorbed UV protects the plastic in polytunnels from degradation
  • Inexpensive compared to custom LED lighting

Lambda is working closely with its collaborating partners to prepare for pilot testing of nanocrystal-based films with a variety of crops. These include the National Institute of Agricultural Botany (NIAB), focusing upon salad leaves, and The James Hutton Institute, focusing upon strawberries.

We are presently measuring the impact of down-conversion films upon algae biomass growth, with the support of the Biochemistry Department at the University of Cambridge. Algae is used as a proxy for agricultural crops as its spectral requirements are similar. This work will prepare Lambda for undertaking pilot testing using nanocrystal-based materials.


We are seeking further collaborations with materials companies in the AgriTech sector. If you are interested in incorporating our nanocrystals into polytunnel materials, onto greenhouse glass, or wish to get involved in field testing, please let us know.

Lambda is seeking strategically aligned investors who can help us accelerate the development and adoption of our technology. If you would like to discuss then please contact us at