Increasing Crop Yields by 9% in Greenhouses

Our crop enhancing paint is applied to the outside of a greenhouse via an electric spray gun. A pilot at Cranfield University demonstrated a 9% increase in coated glass greenhouse crop yield.

Our active spray paint alters the solar spectrum by converting UV light to photosynthetically active radiation (PAR), boosting plant growth, yield and sugar content.

The secret sauce is in the active chemical, patent pending, co-developed with the University of Cambridge.

Benefits of Lambda’s Spray Paint

  • Increase in biomass by 9%
  • Beneficial to all plant types including high value herbs and berries
  • Increased light into the plant canopy via light diffusion
  • Absorbed UV protects the plastic of greenhouse sidings from degradation
  • Inexpensive compared to custom LED lighting

Lambda is scaling up the production of the active material for large scale test trials with Growers, involving 3000 square meters of greenhouses, half of which will be coated with the active paint for A/B testing.

We are seeking further collaborations with companies in the AgriTech sector. If you are interested in giving our spray paint a spin, or wish to get involved in field testing, please get in touch.

Lambda is also seeking strategically aligned investors who can help us accelerate the development and adoption of our technology. If you would like to discuss then please contact us at