Lambda’s active coating can boost PV output by 10%
Diagram of a simple PV cell

Sunlight includes all visible colours plus radiation such as ultraviolet (UV). A common PV cell works best at converting red light into electricity but is much less effective for UV-green light.

Lambda’s coating added to increase efficiency

Lambda is designing an active coating to be applied to PV glass for new-build solar panels and in a retrofit configuration for installation onto existing solar farms.

As UV and violet light pass through the coating, it will be converted to red light, and the electrical output will increase.

Lambda will deliver a 10% increase in solar performance. Our own modelling indicates that 15% is feasible.

We have developed advanced materials that are non-toxic, economical and durable.

Our scientific team has achieved a UV to red light conversion efficiency of nearly 100%. They are now further developing their active molecules to enable a process called quantum cutting, to yield two near-infrared photons for every UV photon that is absorbed. Please see our Technology page for more information.

Benefits of Lambda’s active molecules for Solar PV

  • Electrical output of panel increases by 10% or more
  • Beneficial to modern silicon PV modules & future technologies
  • PV cell lifetime is extended as harmful UV light is converted into useable electricity
Lambda’s coating incorporated into a new-
build solar panel
Lambda’s coating applied as a retrofit to
an existing solar panel

Our commercial strategy is to establish partnerships with the international chemical companies which supply key materials to the solar PV manufacturing sector, primarily polymers (i.e., plastics), pigments and anti-reflective coatings. We already have pilot testing lined up for our retrofit solution, with one of the leading UK solar farm operators.

We are seeking further collaborations with materials companies in the solar and polymer chemistry sectors. If you would like to understand more, are interested in incorporating our nanocrystals into your material, or would consider joining a funded research collaboration, then we’d love to hear from you.

Lambda is seeking strategically aligned investors who can help us accelerate the development and adoption of our technology. If you would like to discuss then please contact us at

The Lambda team are developing advanced materials alongside their collaborators at the Chemistry Department of the University of Cambridge.